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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some new bows!

Ok everyone! As promised, here are some pics of new bows! I didn't get a chance to take separate pics of all of the bows (I thought I did) but now I have sold alot of them and I can't take more pics! Haha. But, I still have all of the ribbon so if you see a bow in there, let me know, and I can definitely make more! The first bows up here are custom cheer bows that I made for my sisters squad. These are perfect for cheer, gymnastics, softball..really any sport team! I make them with your colors (show them to me or pick the ribbon) and I attach them to a thick ponytail holder so they won't fall out during games/performances. I also do them in a ponytail bow or pigtail bows. They are so fun! I love these.

The second one (black, red, and zebra) was made to go with my little sisters gymnastics leotard. Also very cute! She is one busy girl. Again, I only make those bows custom to match your team colors, so if you are interested, email me! Again, I can do them as a large ponytail bow or two smaller pigtail bows.

The rest of the bows after that are just regular bows on alligator clippies. You might be able to tell that I have been a little obssessed with zebra lately!? I found the cutest zebra ribbon online and I ordered tons of it! I just love it! So I made lots and lots of zebra bows. No worries, I'll make another post soon with alot more bows and lots of flowers this time! I haven't done flowers in a while. So I hope you enjoy the new merch! Hope to hear from lots of you!! :)

Parade Bow for Utah Twisters Cheer Team
Pigtail Bows
attached to a nice thick ponytail holder
I love these! What fun colors...
Miranda's gymnastics bow
side shot-looks cute huh!
another shot from the back-excuse her messy room! lol
Cute mini zebra bows! These are a best seller for sure ($2.50)
BIG zebra bows! I L.O.V.E these. ($3.50)
An assortment of new bows that I had.. ($1-3.50)

Thanks for looking! I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day!!

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