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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Summer is ending....... :(

So... it's the end of the summer! We only have a few days left in Bakersfield.. I am so so so excited to be moving back to Utah. I LOVE Utah! Seriously. So the sad part of this story is that Bonnie and I are going our separate ways! Bonnie will be going back to Idaho to continue school, and I will be in Utah again to work and play :) Therefore, I am going to be keeping this blog for my creations, but I have (sadly) taken down all of Bonnie's, since I no longer will have access to them to be able to ship them out/sell them. It has been such a fun summer and I am so glad I had a friend to hang out and craft with. Let me tell you, it is MUCH better making bows with someone else rather than all by your lonesome. Thanks Bonnie for hanging out! It was so fun!! Hopefully Bonnie will start her own blog for all of her items, and if she does, I will keep everyone posted about it!

On another note, I left my camera cord in Utah when I went to visit a few weeks ago! I have made SO MANY more bows recently with tons of new ribbon! I am moving back this Sunday, so I will update with some new items next week! I have started making adorable cheer bows, bows to match private school uniforms, spirit day bows to match school colors, TONS of zebra bows with awesome new zebra ribbon that I got, and MUCH more! So check back soon! Bye for now!